The SEA Group is an independent advocacy agency operated by Program Manager Christine Shafer. The SEA Group holds contracts with Wraparound Milwaukee Programs, The Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services, and the Division of Youth and Family Services. Families from, all areas of Wisconsin are eligible for services. Referrals can be made by Parents/legal guardians, Care Coordinators, Case Managers, Foster Caregivers, Schools, or Service Providers. 

Advice & Support

The SEA Group Advocates are available to provide technical support and answer inquiries about special education and education related services via email, phone and in-person. The SEA Group provides advice to the student's family when a special education or section 504 plan/evaluation may be appropriate.



The SEA Group collaborates with families from making referrals through the process for special education evaluations, 504 plans, Positive Behavior Intervention Plans. Monitoring these referrals to ensure needed services are provided in a timely manner by schools districts. 

Attendance & Participation

The SEA Group attends and supports in Initial IEP Meetings, Review/Revise IEP Meetings, Annual IEP Meetings, Reevaluation Meetings, 504 Plan Meetings, Disciplinary Meetings, Pre-Expulsion Meetings, Expulsion Meeting, Central Office Hearings, Manifestation Meetings, as well as Wisconsin Special Education Mediation Meetings. Additionally the SEA Group also provides assistance in filing complaints on behalf of students when necessary. 

Transition Planning

The SEA Group supports families in transition planning for students moving through K-12 schools systems (this includes Birth to 3 programs) and when students are returning to public school from incarceration, residential settings, and Day Treatment. 


The SEA Group provides training on Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and all aspects of special education and 504 plan processes.

Mediation Facilitated IEP's
& Due Process

The SEA Group provides in person support to families at Mediation. 

The SEA Group may help initiate Due Process steps. The state of Wisconsin allows individuals to go to due process with an advocate, however The SEA Group advises clients to seek out the support of a special education attorney. 


Please be advised Educational Liaison is not a legal services agency and cannot provide legal advice or legal representation. Any information contained in this message is not intended as legal advice and should not be used as a substitution for legal advice.