Christine Shafer

Program Manager of The Education Liaison Department

Chris Shafer is the Program Manager for the SEA group. Chris has worked in the field of education and advocacy for the past 50 years in both the United State and the United Kingdom, with the past 38 years being devoted to children of Wisconsin. Chris has extensive experience in the field of early childhood education and supports for children with their social, emotional, and behavioral needs. She herself has been a foster parent, adoptive, and birth parent and raised children with special needs. 


Adriana Shafer

Administrative Assistant

Adriana joined the SEA Group in 2018 and holds a degree in medical assistance as well as a certification in peer support training. Adriana has worked in the mental health field for the past 8 years in Milwaukee County.


Angela Quayle

Education Advocate

Angela Quayle is the Educational Liaison for the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services. Angela has over a decade of experience working with children with special needs. Angela has worked for the early intervention Birth to Three program and Milwaukee Public Schools. Being a mother of a child with special needs, Angela is able to personally relate to the families she works with. Angela has studied, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Specialized Administration. Angela has a vast amount of knowledge of the special education regulations and how to apply this knowledge to the children that she works with. 


Sue Endress

Education Advocate

Sue has more years of special education advocacy than she cares to acknowledge, starting with her daughter. Her experience has been shaped by her years (yes, years!) at WI FACETS, Legal Action and Disability Rights Wisconsin. Her greatest pride is the fact that both of her daughters are professionals in the special education field.


Shirley Fishman

Education Advocate

Shirley Fishman joined the Sea Group in 2009 and has been a dedicated and passionate advocate for students with mental health needs. She believes in supporting students and empowering families. She has a bachelor’s degree in both special and regular education and a dual master’s degree in supervision/administrative leadership.  Shirley has successfully taught for over three decades and has extensive experience working collaboratively with both special education and regular education teachers.  Additionally, she was a diagnostic teacher for several years and has vast experience in evaluating students and writing IEP’s


Glenda Carter

Education Advocate

My personal journey as an advocate began in 1996 when my child was diagnosed with a life long condition. I have been a board member of several decision making board throughout the state  of Wisconsin. My passion for serving the the disabled, underprivileged and disadvantaged individuals runs deep into the fabric of my soul. Struggles and setbacks did surface, but I was trained by myself and others on how to channel them.  I too, like Dr. King, dream for equality for all!


Dawn Blatnik

Education Advocate

Dawn has her Master’s degree in Social Work and has worked with youth and their family’s for over 15 years. She has experience providing behavior modification therapy, supporting families with the IEP process, and helping students rise to their abilities and show their potential in the classroom. Dawn joined the SEA Group in 2018 and offers expertise with social, emotional, and behavioral learning strategies. Dawn also knows personally, the challenges families face when supporting loved ones who have special needs. She is dedicated in leading families and devoted to improving the systems that support people with mental health and special needs.  


Bianca Rojas

Education Advocate

Bianca has a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Law Studies and has worked with youth and their family’s for over 7 years. Bianca has worked at UCC within the AODA program, Justice Point as a Pretrial Screener, and at La Causa as a Wraparound REACH Care Coordinator and Lead. Bianca joined the SEA Group in 2020, she has personal experience with the challenges of maneuvering through and understanding special needs in the school setting. Bianca is dedicated to advocating for families and providing them with the support they need to better meet their children’s needs.