Welcome to The Special Education Advocates Site


The Special Education Advocacy Group, was created in 2002 to provide Educational Stability to youth with complex Educational needs. Educational Advocacy is an individualized approach to service delivery that is based on the educational needs of the youth in school. The SEA Group is designed to meet the educational needs of youth who may be suspected of having a disability; youth who have been identified as having a disability; Youth who have Individualized Education Plan (IEP); youth who have 504 Accommodation Plan; youth who are having difficulty in school and child care. This includes all children from birth to 21. The SEA Group consists of several highly qualified and experienced Education Advocate’s that are readily available to serve youth and families.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The SEA Group is currently working remotely. Education Advocates are attending all meetings via video conferencing formats. Please pay attention for any further updates, we will make you aware of any changes.